Apple Files Nine Reexamination Requests

We’re posting the latest  installment of Reexamination Requests from Scott Daniels, of Reexamination Alert and Practice Center Contributor a few days early this week in light of the holiday weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Apple has been especially active lately in defending against charges of patent infringement by filing requests for reexamination.  In response to two separate infringement suits in Texas, it filed requests against two Mirror Works patents and three Affinity Labs patents, and for an ITC investigation, it filed requests against four S3 Graphics patents (See Inter partes Request Nos. (1) to (3) & (5) to (6), and Ex parte Request Nos. (16) to (19)).

The following inter partes requests were filed:

(1)         95/001,487 (electronically filed) – U.S. Patent No. 7,751,327 entitled ATHLETIC MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD and owned by Affinity Labs. of Texas Filed November 15, 2010, by Apple.  The ‘327 patent is currently the subject of a litigation styled Affinity Labs. v. Nike et al. (E.D. Tex., Case 2:10-cv-54-DF-CE). (more…)